Death Served Cold By Sourabh Mukherjee – Book Review

Book name- Death Served Cold
Author- @authorsourabhmukherjee
Publisher- @srishtipub
Genre – nonfiction, crime, thriller & mystery.
Paperback- 216 pages.
Rating- 5 stars.

Devil wears beautiful face. This book shows us the lurking predator under the phenomenally soft skin of the other gender of humans. Greed, lust, violence has no gender discrimination, it’s we, who don’t want to believe that soft and physically week can’t be the beholder of violence but they truly capable to do gruesome act if they want.

This book is combined with 7 true murder stories. Decades ago some stories made whirlwind in newspapers, author Sourabh gathered them and presented them here in such a beautiful detailing manner that reflects his hard work, dedication towards human psychology, and his persistence. He tried to go deep down under the crime scene, analyze psychological aspects from the deepest part of the accused’s mind, and presented us the Seven women, their seven-story, seven deadly sins.

Nonfiction is always have been my first choice but, damn I love this writing style so much. The way author starts this book with professor Dutt, it’s really admirable, it reminds me Satyajit Ray’s Feluda; a simply classy start and gives me hope that it won’t be any dull nonfiction. Professor Dutt gave a file to Dev Rathee, a collection of India’s brutal female murderers’ list. The file has not only the case collection from beginning to end but is jeweled with the professor’s inputs, insights into psychology.

What I love in this book is the author’s lucid eloquence perfectly depicted the dark, murky atmosphere of every homicide spot. This brought us some chilling effects too. I love it too when at every ending author put a sympathetic touch in his words, not too harsh not too kind towards the criminals, a perfect understanding which let us think if ‘She’ choose to be more sensitive rather than being destructive, then she could change her luck in a different way, in a constructive way, and funny thing is that’s the life ‘She’ actually wanted to make for herself.

If you want to read this book click the link below

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